Malisa Ncube

Speaking at Geek-night – Kampala

Posted by Malisa Ncube on

I will be speaking tonight 24 June 2014, time 05:30PM at the GeekNight Event which will be held at Thoughtworks Kampala, see location information here. I will talk about cloud computing approaches and things that you’d need to keep in mind when you are developing applications that can be considered native on the cloud.

I don’t intend to talk about the “how-to’s” this time but to answer the question, “Why and When?”. I will obviously use examples from Microsoft Azure as that is more familiar to me than other cloud service providers.

Some of the things I will talk about include:

  • Elastic scaling
  • MapReduce approach
  • Database Federation
  • Node Failure Patterns
  • Multitenancy
  • And many more….

There is going to be quite a lot of content that will reveal how successful organisations have managed to scale their applications and what are some of the pitfalls you may want to watch out for if you are going to implement a large scale system.

See you there.