About Me

Malisa Ncube, a polyglot software developer

I enjoy buildings things and solving problems and learning in the process.

Been a Chief Software Architect at Optiva Inc. Worked at Microsoft, Clinton Health Access and Infectious Diseases as a Senior Software Developer. Worked in several Uganda Government projects where I developed systems for Ministry of Health and e-Governance Readiness. Worked on systems for Telcoms, Health, Finance, Government, NGOs, Agriculture and Retail among others.

Developed system for AMREF International which they currently use for Monitoring and Evaluation all over the world.

I started my career as a trainer, teaching Computer Science and Programming. I still enjoy talking in events and interacting with other developers and learning new stuff for better solutions.

I love music, art, philosophy and poetry. I actually think its all related to programming because of orchestration and creativity.

.NET, .NET Core, Windows, Linux, C#, Python, Django, Javascript, Angular, MS Dynamic CRM

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