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Posted by Malisa Ncube on

This is my quick way to get back online. Its been a while and my attempt in running a node.js based site on this platform failed because of permissions and all tricks were also met with some forms of blockage.

Now, I’m thinking about my old content. Wondering if I should try and import it here or just start from scratch. I also used to blog on
http://geekswithblogs.net/malisancube sometime back, until I moved to a ghost blog engine that I was running on Azure on this domain. There were many iterations of ghost blog and the authors changed the installation procedure too and I could not keep up. The best way is to use their subscription service which keeps you up to date with features and security patches. I’ve then just decided to go simple – WordPress.

Its sad that cPanel still cannot run .NET Core. I’d really love to see that happen soon, and possibly get OrchardProject.Net for this. I love WordPress and have so much respect for it as a product, and it has stood time, has received many security patches because as you know, hackers like to attack the most popular products. I’d love a .NET centric site more because I’d find it easier to continuously tweak it or ticker with stuff on it.

Anyways, I called this site .NET delights, when its actually not only about .NET. Its about all coding I do in general and some other stuff I create including music and poetry. I intend to collate all content here and hopefully it will enable me to document some of the stuff I like to do.

This site contains my views and not those of any organisation.

Catch you on the next posts. 😀